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 Post subject: Blackguard Ranks
PostPosted: Aug 27th, '13, 18:46 
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For a guild that has so little use for authority, Blackguard has a lot of ranks. Mostly this is because we use them as a RP tool: glancing at an alt's rank should give you some idea of who they are in roleplay too.

The only promotion a Rat's career is likely to involve is from Prospect to Regular -- though a Veteran rank may be implemented later.


Prospect -- New recruits, both new and old players' characters. Also called tailless or half-share rats, because they earn half the pay of a Regular contract.
Regular -- The full member's rank. Also called full-share rats or just rats. Regulars may also vote on company matters, including new jobs and new rats getting their tails.
First Four -- The founders, Regulars with prestige of seniority. Three of four remain.
Lieutenant -- The Captain's advisors, seconds and commanders in her absence. Officer rank.
Captain -- Nominal commander of the company. Officer rank.

Associate -- A RP character involved with Blackguard but not a member, usually an ally

Promotion from Prospect to Regular – also called "getting a tail" – is a big deal in guild lore and roleplay. Generally the Captain and Lieutenants agree it's time, then the Captain puts the question to the company: if the vote is unanimously in favour, the Prospect becomes a Regular. However, it's not impossible that Regulars could suggest a Prospect they feel have earned their place are ready to face the Vote too.


Alt -- OOC alts and RP characters who aren't obviously Associates
Inactive -- Absentees and irregulars who, like unicorns, are oft spoken of but rarely seen.


A Veteran rank for seriously old rats may be added at some point.
A Nemesis rank for hostile Associates might be similarly useful, but isn't implemented yet.
For reason of practicality, officer ranks are both IC and OOC.

 Post subject: Re: Blackguard Ranks
PostPosted: Jan 24th, '14, 12:51 
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Update - the Inactive rank is getting put to use. Characters will be bumped to this status when they hit 1 month offline, or announce a break of a month or more. Inactive rank has all the same speak privileges but no guild bank privileges, meaning hackers can't use it to nick our stuff through alts. It also helps keep the roster a bit clearer on who is around and who isn't, which helps plan RP.

Original rank will be restored as soon as you log the char in and poke an officer - it's strictly a management thing, not a penalty.

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