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Character Full-Name and Titles::
Darash Rumblefury

Character Race and Class::
Orc shaman

Why does your character wish to join Blackguard? If the answer is "gold", tell us why gold matters to them.:
Darash was let go of the Horde's main forces soon after Grommash Hellscream was ousted from power. He still yearns for military life, but his ruthlessness was considered somewhat off-putting by those loyal to Vol'jinn. In the Blackguard Darash sees a possibility in regaining some structure as well as having a new outlet to focus his considerable rage through.

Describe your character's past. Where did they grow up? How did they learn their trade? What kind of work history do they have? Whatever you think is relevant to who they are – but aim for at least 3 full lines.:
Darash grew up in the barrens to a family of shamans. He exhibited a natural talent for shamanism from an early age, only to witness his family slaughtered during the Second War. He enlisted in the military, fueled by his hatred of the Alliance and over the years proved his mettle, climbing the ranks all the way to Blood Guard. However, his unbridled rage held him back from further advancement, until Grommash Hellscream's reign, when he was allowed to descend into pure savagery.

As the Warchief descended into madness, Darash received a vision from the Elements, warning him of Hellscream's actions and reminding him once again why he became a shaman. Darash sided with Vol'jinn, but even so his reputation as a blood thirsty, war mongering killing machine had already cemented and he was discharged. He spent the last few years in isolation, only emerging now to aid in the war effort.

Tell us about your character's skillset. What can they do that would be valuable to a mercenary company?:
While Darash never made it too far in the military, he did lead the occasional raiding party and was in charge of several scouting missions. His rage led him to embrace the enhancement way for shamans, so he is quite a skilled warrior too (albeit rusty from the long isolation). His commanding officer was illiterate, so Darash was also responsible for writing reports and overseeing the logistics of his reconnaissance teams. Inscription has remained his hobby even during his isolation.

What are your character's feelings regarding the other Horde races?:
Darash has a very high respect for most of the other races of the Horde, but does see the Forsaken, Blood Elves and Nightborne as somewhat suspicious, due to their similarity with the Alliance. He dislikes goblins due to their greedy natures that drive them to exploit Azeroth.

Old enemies, old loyalties - does your character have them? Who with?:
Darash considers himself loyal to the Horde, to an extent. He sees Sylvanas's rise as a Warchief a good thing, as they are willing to make hard decisions. However, he also feels betrayed by the Horde, which is why he is not seeking to become a member of the military anymore.

His biggest enemy is the Alliance, however, and he does not shy away from a fight with them.

Finally, write a quick paragraph, describing your character doing something typical to them. (This is to help us get a feel for how you play, so make it something you might type in RP.):
Darash pulls himself away from the Farsight. A savage snarl spreads on his face.
"The humans are here. I will visit a thousand deaths upon them."

Blackguard deals with mature themes and content. Please confirm you, the player, are over 18.:

Why do you wish to join Blackguard?:
I'm looking for a guild to do RP and PVP with. I've always had a somewhat of a military focused mind-set and my morals aren't exactly fit to be put on a pedestal and paraded around. Blackguard seems to fit my personality of loyalty towards friends and family and untold savagery towards my enemies. If there's a chance to make some money on the side, why not?

Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, job, talents, accomplishments, whatever you're comfortable sharing.:
I'm 31, Finnish and I'm currently studying game design in a university. I'm part of a Star Citizen organization where my responsibilities lie mainly in leading small teams, as well as organizing group play. I'm taking a break from Star Citizen because of the state of the game and because I'm quite excited for WoW Classic. In addition, I'm a brown belt Aikidoka training for my next rank and will be in charge of teaching juniors come autumn. I also regularly train new adult practitioners.

Tell us about your background in roleplay.:
I've played on several RP-servers in WoW over the years where I've ran a few RP-guilds and been an officer in a few others. I've also hosted some Call of Cthulhu tabletop-campaigns.

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