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 Post subject: Mar'sak the younger
PostPosted: Aug 5th, '18, 16:59 

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Character Full-Name and Titles::
-Mar'sak, the younger

Character Race and Class::
-Orc Warlock

Why does your character wish to join Blackguard? If the answer is "gold", tell us why gold matters to them.:
Mar'sak is an outcast, been so most of his life. He learned of his fathers brief stay with the Blackguard. He’s not much like his father, however like his father stated, something’s gonna feed him and cover the repair cost of broken equipment. Most important however, is that Mar’sak wish for companions who’m he can trust enough to risk his life for them if need be.

Describe your character's past. Where did they grow up? How did they learn their trade? What kind of work history do they have? Whatever you think is relevant to who they are – but aim for at least 3 full lines.:
Mar’sak grew up in an internment camp at first, when the orcs were liberated by Thrall, him, his father and mother left for Kalimdor. At a relative early age in Orgrimmar, Mar’sak found his fathers demonic tome which he read. Exposed to this demonic text corrupted Mar’sak slowly over the next years. He practiced dark magic as soon as he were capeable or thought as much. Eventually his father stepped in and punished him.. then started teaching him the basics, properly. Mar’sak overcame his apprenticeship a few years ago, surviving two masters. Mar’sak wandered the continents for years searching for bounties along some companions.

Tell us about your character's skillset. What can they do that would be valuable to a mercenary company?:
Mar’saks skillset lies in his abilities as a warlock. He’s closer to mastering destructive spells, than much other magic. He is capable of summoning the lesser demons as well.

He is very easy to chatter and often starts a conversation, being secretive as well, he rarely let out anything that’s not supposed to be said. Which could be beneficial in establishing first contacts.

What are your character's feelings regarding the other Horde races?:
Much like his father Mar’sak is very individualised and often look at the character as a whole rather than a characters race and gender. He has a keen interest in other warlocks.

Old enemies, old loyalties - does your character have them? Who with?:
Mar’sak is young but has no shortage of people who’d see him either beaten up or dead.
Mar’saks loyalty lies with who he find interesting and manage to trust, there are very few and those who he does trust has his mostly eternal loyalty.

Finally, write a quick paragraph, describing your character doing something typical to them. (This is to help us get a feel for how you play, so make it something you might type in RP.):
Mar’sak slowly rides through the swamp. He is vigilant, his lazy eyes darting in every direction, there’s a smirk across his lips and he toy with a braid while peering around.
He knew it. He knew they were coming.. maybe two or three? He could hear them in the bushes. He was excited that a fight might soon happen.. but he knew he was pressed for time and kicked his dreadsteed into gallop.

Blackguard deals with mature themes and content. Please confirm you, the player, are over 18.:
-I am 26.

Why do you wish to join Blackguard?:
I have a few friends who're in and often talk about how awesome the atmosphere is and how nice people are, and of course about the roleplay. I have also roleplayed a few time with the Blackguards other members and I really like the people. Both IC and OOC.
I was briefly in the guild on Marsak before and I really do like the atmosphere in the guild.
Beside you don’t want to be too large a guild, that suits me perfectly.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, job, talents, accomplishments, whatever you're comfortable sharing.:
I am a 26 year old dane. I am a zoo keeper, specialised in owls but want to work with mostly nordic animals and conservation work. I spend a great deal of time reading and studying about nature conservation. Beside of my gaming of WoW and fascination of animals I do viking reenactment and have done so in 11 years or so, I also enjoy drawing with pen and pencil.

I suffer from mental illness and sometimes wont be able to attend events or RP, this happens rarely but can happen.

Tell us about your background in roleplay.:

Well, I started first as a larper 13 years ago, although I was not really a decent roleplayer til 11 years ago when I also started DnD Pen and Paper and learned how to actually roll my character and act.
10 year ago I joined Steamweedle Cartel, on Tawyn who I am sure some of you still remember despite him not having much character back then. In any case I went to the Horde and joined the Earthfury Clan, when the Beastmaw Warband was made I joined them and served as a officer for about 6-7 years with a couple of breaks from the game.
I’ve briefly been a member of several other guilds to try out new RP styles and systems, trying to expand my horizon to the world of RP out there.

Last notes:
Hey guys, hope you’re all doing alright!

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