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 Post subject: Kráx
PostPosted: Jul 20th, '18, 23:18 

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Character Full-Name and Titles::

Character Race and Class::
Forsaken Death Knight

Why does your character wish to join Blackguard? If the answer is "gold", tell us why gold matters to them.:
My character whishes to join because, he is a mercenary consumed by death and wants to have his revenge on all those whom has caused him harm. Not very good at following orders, he strives to find people like minded to spend his time with

Describe your character's past. Where did they grow up? How did they learn their trade? What kind of work history do they have? Whatever you think is relevant to who they are – but aim for at least 3 full lines.:
Krax only has few memories left from his past life, he does not remember much from his time alive, sme on the things he remembers on the other hand, is how he himself was slain, and then raised again. Since he broke free from the the lich kings grip he has been seeking revenge and been on the front lines of the battle against the lich king, until he again, was turned to the lich kings army and trained as a death knight. Since the fall of the lich king, he has been on his own traveling, training and slaugthering. A hatred for almost everyone has risen inside him and as people seek to bring revenge on their own behalf and kill the forsaken death knight, he hasa turned for help with like minded people. (I tryed to aim for 3 full lines)

Tell us about your character's skillset. What can they do that would be valuable to a mercenary company?:
Although Krax is a old and rotten skeleton, he still has some fight in him, and with his death knight powers to help him strengthen himself he will let nothing get in the way of him and his revenge, consumed with death he has also been working on training his unholy powers to be able to raise and control the dead

What are your character's feelings regarding the other Horde races?:
Krax does not hold anything against the other races, but would rather fight alongside the dead, with the same belives as him

Old enemies, old loyalties - does your character have them? Who with?:
Krax might be a undead and once have rallied behind the dark lady, but no more, since he was turned into a death knight he see's his own path, and belives that he himself, had he had the opputunity could have achived the same as her, therefor he does not have the best standing with most forsaken loyal to the dark lady

Finally, write a quick paragraph, describing your character doing something typical to them. (This is to help us get a feel for how you play, so make it something you might type in RP.):
Now whom might you be? Traveling all alone are you? what a shame, lets hope no one comes and takes all your precious belongings. You know if you gave them all to me no one would be able to steal them from you, and no harm would be done to you either, its a win win for you really, so hand over those belongings

Blackguard deals with mature themes and content. Please confirm you, the player, are over 18.:

Why do you wish to join Blackguard?:
Well, my char is quite new and i would like to get into a guild that thinks a bit outside the box and aint your typical millitary guild, especialy since this char fits better here

Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, job, talents, accomplishments, whatever you're comfortable sharing.:
Well, you can just call me Anto, im from denmark, i still study, but wuld like to become a laywer possibly, well, i like playing wow and roleplaying, and i normal use most my time doing that

Tell us about your background in roleplay.:
I'm guessing this would meen you would like to know what kind of roleplay i have done before. So i have been in a some decent guilds and roleplayed with them, like, Zandalari empire (now called Shadow of the empire) and also guilds like The Hand of Agony, but what i have prefered the most as some of the smaller guilds, like one i'm recently active in called the children of the road

 Post subject: Re: Kráx
PostPosted: Aug 12th, '18, 12:20 
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Hey there Krax, you caught us during our vacation downtime but we finally got around to this!
We've been over your application, and have unfortunately concluded we're not the guild for you.

Best of luck onwards!

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